best rate guaranteed

Best Rate

Simply, the Gallia hotel guarantees its guests the best rate on the market:

Best rate guaranteed, promised!

We guarantee that the rates you find on our site by registering for free in our Loyalty Program are the best among those available online. If, before making the reservation, you find a lower rate than the one bookable on our site, under the same terms and conditions, contact us immediately and we will apply at least 10% discount on the lowest price found in the online agency.

Best conditions, promised !!

By booking from our site, you are entitled to the best conditions for modifying or canceling your reservation, with the possible support of our multilingual and professional staff.

  • Only with us, Travel Voucher in case of late cancellation: our personal insurance will protect you by making the cancellation policy more flexible. We will do everything to guarantee you in case of late cancellation, even with total or partial holiday vouchers. “Don’t lose, but don’t gain from the cancellation of a loyal customer” is our must.
Easy and safe booking, promised !!

In a few simple steps you can book the room for your beach holiday. Furthermore, your credit card reservation is certified and protected, exactly as it happens with the most important online agencies.

No additional costs, promised!!

By booking from the direct site you will not be charged any commission cost.

Immediate personal customer service, promised !!

Our multilingual staff provides direct assistance during the booking process or for special needs on your stay, with the guarantee of a response within 6 hours. Nothing is more reassuring than hearing about the type of room offered by our staff, nothing is more effective than having honest advice based on the experience of hundreds of other loyal customers.

Transparency, promised !!

We apply a transparency policy for all our offers and our cancellation policies, which are always clear and correct.

Special and more special offers with the Loyalty Program, promised !

Only on our site can you find a wide selection of special offers designed for short breaks or long beach holidays. What’s more, if you sign up for our Loyalty Program with one click, you’ll open up to exclusive promo codes, packages and secret offers dedicated to subscribers. By booking with us, a loyal customer will always get a bargain.

Immediate confirmation email, promised!

We won’t leave you with two words exchanged on the phone or written in speed. At the end of the booking phase we send an immediate confirmation email with all the summary data of your stay.

Correct and complete information, promised !

Only on our site can you find the most accurate, complete and detailed information. In fact, the site offers extensive and useful descriptions of each type of room, restaurant, swimming pool and beach, room accessories, services that we offer or that you can request. Lots of advice and a practical guide even if you want to explore Jesolo and Venice.